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Interoute Pilot car - Escorte routière

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    Supplying regular, arrow and pole trucks

    Camions flèches et avec perches

    Supplying regular, arrow and pole trucks around the Montréal area, throughout Québec, Canada and the United States.

    Escort vehicles

    Véhicules d’escortes routières

    Providing you with escort vehicles to your needs, for all types of loads.


    Telephone: + 1 450 777-7930
    Email: info@interoute.ca

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    Our services

    Pilot cars for oversize loads, superloads. Trucks with high pole for over-height loads. Trucks with directional arrows. Signalization. Unmarked vehicles for road surveillance.


    Experienced personnel. Bilingual. Certified United States. Insured Canada and United States. Conforming vehicles to the requirements of different provinces and states.